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Lw Scientific

LW Scientific I-4 Microscope with Transformer


LW Scientific ZIPCombo Zipocrit Centrifuge w/12x Hematocrit Rotor ZCC-12HD-40T3


LW SCIENTIFIC E8C-U8AF-1503 Centrifuge,Angled Table Top,8mL to 15mL


LW Scientific ZIPCombo Centrifuge Microtube, PCR& Hematocrit Rotor ZCC-1206-77T3


LW Scientific Archiver Steroscope Microscope


TESTED LW Scientific LWS-Combo-V24 Centrifuge with Hematocrit Rotor


LW Scientific I4 Microscope Lab Medical Binocular


LW Scientific ZIPCombo Zipocrit Centrifuge w/ 6 place micro Rotor ZCC-06AD-02T3


LW Scientific Ultra Select Centrifuge.  Has some age on it but used very little.


LW Scientific Centrifuge Tachometer, CNA-TACH-DHH7 NEW


LW Scientific E8 3000 RPM Centrifuge


LW Scientific Ultra-8V 8-Tube Centrifuge


LW Scientific Universal Centrifuge


NEW ! LW Scientific USA E8 Fixed Speed Centrifuge, 8 x (3-15ml), E8C-U8AF-1503


NEW ! LW Scientific Universal Centrifuge, 8x15ml, 800-3500rpm Variable Speed


LW Scientific USA E8 PORTAFUGE Centrifuge 8x(3-15ml) + CAR SEAT, E8C-U8AF-150P


LW Scientific 8 Key Differential Counter NEW, CTL-DIFM-08KY


LW SCIENTIFIC E8C-U8AF-150P Portable Centrifuge,Fixed,8,3mL to 15mL


LW SCIENTIFIC E8C-U8AD-15T3 Centrifuge,Angled Table Top,8mL to 15mL


LW Scientific Centrifuge Ultra U8S-1: blood, urine, semen, spinal fluid, fecals


NEW ! LW Scientific Universal Centrifue, 6x(3-15ml) Horizontal, UNC-06SD-15T3


LW Scientific ZIPCombo Centrifuge w/6 x Microtube Rotor+PCR Rotor, ZCC-06AD-02T3


LW Scientific EZ Swing 3K G3 Select Centrifuge


LW Scientific ZIPCombo ZIPOCRIT Centrifuge w/12x Hematocrit Rotor, ZCC-12HD-40T3


LW Scientific Model E8 Centrifuge


LW Scientific EZ Swing 5K Centrifuge


NEW LW Scientific Revelation III / 3 Binoc. Microscope, Achr. LED, R3M-BN4A-DAL3


LW Scientific C5 Centrifuge


LW Scientific Revelation III Lab Microscope W/ 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x Objectives


LW Scientific C5 Centrifuge w/ 8 Place Rotor & Tubes ++ NICE ++


LW Scientific V24 Combination Centrifuge, Spins 24 x (3-15ml), CMC-24AV-1501


LW Scientific C5 Centrifuge with Rotor - 5,000 Max RPM - Tested


NEW LW Scientific E8 Centrifuge With 8 Place Fixed Speed Angled Rotor


LW Scientific Zip Spin ZS-1 Portable Centrifuge


LW Scientific E8C-U8AV-1503 Variable Speed E8 Centrifuge, Angled 8-Place with...




LW Scientific ultra 8V centrifuge


NEW LW Scientific Zip-IQ TT Test Tube Centrifuge


LW SCIENTIFIC UNC-06SD-15T3 Centrifuge,3 x 15mL


NEW LW Scientific Universal Centrifuge 40 Place Micro Tube Fixed Angled Rotor